Honey, I’m Home!!

My Barcelona chairs make a nice menage a trois with the Malm stove.

I moved into 24 Lighthouse Road five days ago!

I think the operative word here is MOVING. I have been on the move non-stop from six in the morning until midnight, moving (with help from the Go to Guys and my son Ben & wife Jen) furniture, rugs, lamps and boxes, boxes, boxes and more boxes from storage.

Most of this stuff did not make the final cut. But keep your eye on that old tattered Lenox soapbox in the background.

Then of course there is the big challenge of trying to fit stuff from a 14-room house (with two kitchens!) to a six-room house with one kitchen. Of course, I winnowed out a lot of stuff before it went into three storage units, and my siblings took some of it as well, but I was unclear at that point about what would work and what would not. My dad’s Norwegian wood office furniture — absolutely— also the chrome and Formica table I had resurfaced and, of course the pair of Barcelona chairs and repurposed chrome drum set stand.

My old formica table looks great, I think, in this view from upstairs.PS. see the soapbox?


My grandmother’s Martha Washington sewing table? Uh-uh (sorry Grandma) my treasured doll house (gasp) with seven rooms of furniture and holiday décor? Nope. As sad as I was to send this off for sale, I really don’t need a doll house to play with, as I have a real house to work on.

Anyway, it has been five days of “thumb up/thumbs down, oh wait a minute I changed my mind” activity.

Although 24 is basically Mid-century modern — an era of design I didn’t much appreciate all that much when living through it) some of my more interesting and treasured antiques have made the cut and others are still undecided. Oh, I sold my old, (only three or four years old)red Kitchen Aid mixer so I could get the one that matches my Malm stove perfectly. Essentially I got the aqua one for a third of the price and the buyer got a great mixer for  half price.Win, win.

My new Kitchen, note the new kitchen Aid. Have to tone down now on aqua accents.


One thing that will have a place of honor here at 24 is a Dorothy Larson lamp that belonged to my mom, who was friends with artist. Created in the late 50s, it is influenced by both Japanese design and Tiffany glass but with a modern take. After many, many moves the lamp was in bad shape when I rediscovered it, about 15 years ago in Mom’s basement and even as broken as it was, I fell in love with it again.  As luck would have it, there was a Shoji screen maker in Trenton at the time and I begged him to take on the project of fixing this lamp. He agreed to do it and he really gave this wonderful old lamp a new life.

This Dotty Larson lamp was a focal point of what I hoped to create in the interior design of 24.

When I started thinking about building this new house, the Dotty Larson had a lot to do with interior design choices. Dotty herself died in her 30s of breast cancer. Had she lived her full measure of years I think she would have been an important voice in the arts and crafts world. Still it is an important statement in my house and eloquently speaks for both its creator and my mother who carried it with her for some 70 years.

OK back to the house. Everything happened so fast that final week I really can’t remember it all.

I think I mentioned that Owen the plumber came and got water and gas flowing through the house. The washer and dryer has been going pretty much non-stop since, as I am washing all my winter clothes that were in storage, and came out smelling musty. Andrew tackled one punch list job after another, finishing the cement floors, installing screens, washing the exterior, getting rid of dumpster and even raking out the dirt that still surrounds the house. The porta-potty is still here though, dammit — apparently an OSHA requirement, although I have invited the guys to use the toilets in the house!

Bruce Noddin’s crew installed the last of the light fixtures— love the bathroom lights, but they are too bright and I might ask him to come back with dimmers!

By happenstance my first nights in 24 coincided with a waxing full moon. So, I watched the moon-like reflection of my Naguchi lantern in the upper windows as the real moon traveled across the night sky from one window to the next. When I woke up my first morning the moon was still caught in the very top of a tall spruce tree, framed by my western bedroom window. I don’t know if George planned this display when he placed the windows, but I imagine this was no accident.

Moon in my living room.

Moon in the trees.

I have to get back to those boxes now.  I will post a few more blogs as the interior comes together. Then I will likely take a break until the landscaping starts.

I may just post pics from time to time as the writing takes up valuable “Oh God, where can I put this!?” time.

Still waiting on some exterior touches, including awnings, the big red numbers 24 by the entrance and of course the landscaping. Living on a pile o’ sand is getting a bit old.

A work in progress.May need to get white or grey lampshades? hmmm. I’ll wait until my Christopher Winter rug arrives to decide.

I hope to have news and pics of upstairs and guest room and bathrooms soon. Not  camera ready yet.





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