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My Daughter Alexandra and her guy Jack Kelly became the first house guests at 24.

On the whole, it has been a wonderful couple of weeks getting to know my new house.

Another milestone was passed when my daughter Alexandra and her fella Jack became my first house guests. The den converted nicely into a guest room and while I hear everything going on in living room when I’m in my bedroom (that may change when blinds go up) when they were in the guest room all was quiet. They both loved the house which they hadn’t seen since the summer when it was basically a shell. And I loved cooking for them in the best working kitchen I have had since I made my first butterscotch pudding pie when I was 8. Mmmm butterscotch pudding pie. Must make.

The den converted into a cozy guest room for Alexandra and Jack.

I ended up getting a glass coffee table for den.

Speaking of noises, I have gotten used to the coke bottle sound my chimney makes in a stiff wind, but am awakened every night by a loud cracking noise, that I have not been able to track down. I thought it was the ice-maker in the fridge so I turned it off for a couple of nights and still “CRACK.” Then I worried it was owls or bats flying into the windows, but one would expect to see the carcasses of dead birds and flying rodents surrounding the house; I haven’t found so much as a feather.

The newly loamed leach field.

I only hear this late at night, and just a few times (loud enough to wake me) so it’s a mystery.

It is also a mystery why my GE washer/dryer broke down after less than three weeks of use! When the servicemen said they couldn’t fix it until they got new parts, I put my foot down and insisted that they replace the whole damn thing. Which Brown’s Appliance quickly agreed to do. We had purposely installed the W/D before the permanent stairs had been built or walls painted, to avoid scratches, so that was a worry, with both an “old” machine coming out and a new one going in, but they managed all the trips up and down the stairs without a ding or scrape. The new machine seems fine but we’ll see after couple of weeks.

While Alexandra was here we planted newly loamed leach field with winter rye, wild flowers, clover and the ashes of the wonderful dog, Amos Moses, whom we shared for 13 years. Now it is no longer a leach field but Amos Moses Meadow.

The future Amos Moses Meadow.

Adding Amos to the mix.

My bedroom/office is, perhaps the least finished room. Lots of art still to be hung, and decisions about furniture and rugs. But it is lovely light-filled room and such a pleasure to have the laundry room right there (when the machines are working.) I will be happy when the blinds arrive though. I find that the little alcove between my two closets is the only discrete place for me to change as I can see the road from the windows in most of the room and the road can therefore, presumably, see me. As I am writing this I am expecting Kirk from Bangor Window and Drapes to arrive with the blinds. They will be going on the two big downstairs doors, the two bedroom windows and second floor balcony.

The big red 24 numbers are still not ready —not sure what the hold-up is here and George is uncharacteristically sanguine about this. These numbers are the last external house feature and I am eager to see them in place. Also, eager to see the final landscaping plan which will involve concrete paving stones, gravel and a minimum of lawn.  It’s an inexpensive option but I think it will look just fine. I hope to add some trees and shrubbery in the spring.

Still a work in progress I love my light-filled bedroom


My screens arrived and look  terrific. from the inside you can look out and see everything as if through a veil. On the outside you really can’t look in. I did notice however that with the screens behind them the blinds create a moray pattern. They did not mention this when I ordered them. I don’t think this will be a big problem downstairs as I will likely remove them for winter and in the summer I don’t imagine I will be lowering them to the floor during the day very often and I don’t think it will happen at night.We’ll see. The bedroom is a bit more problematic as I do imagine I will lower them more often  and the moving moray is pretty trippy and a bit nauseating. I imagine I will get used to it. I will have to.

My screens arrived. Look great but have an unexpected extra feature.

The double screen creates a slightly nauseating moray pattern.

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