Spork Out!

Viola watches as another dog and her people Joe and Kelly Manning, prepares to make off with Spork.

I bid a rather tearful good-bye to my Spork, yesterday. That terrific camper really served me well for six months and never gave me a jot of trouble, other than the consternation about minimal counter space.

Spork did give the movers Joe and Kelly Manning a bit more than a jot of trouble getting her out of here though.

I love the curvaceous driveway Danny Dunbar made for me last winter, but the culverts at the end of the driveway are too narrow — especially for the heavy truck traffic we’ve had here at 24. Both ends of the pipe are already crushed and will need to be replaced.

Took about 20 minutes to maneuver Spork onto Lighthouse Rd.

When Joe tried to drive onto Lighthouse road the rear wheels kept hitting that crushed pipe and threatening to go into the ditch. In the end we found some thick pieces of lumber we could lay over the damaged culvert and he made it out. Really the only moment of drama Spork ever gave me.

It was taken off to Ellsworth RV where the owner Randy agreed to put it on consignment for me. I hope the next owner enjoys her as much as Viola and I did.

Without Spork in the picture my view from the living room as improved but still has a good way to go. George is working on a minimalist landscape design involving some leveling, loaming, and gravel and maybe some sort of patio paving off sliding doors. I’d like to get Mark Dunbar back here to mow the scrubby meadow, but not sure it that can happen. Eventually I’d like to plant more fruit trees out there.

With Spork gone we can start landscaping!!

As to the interior, I’ve made some progress on the den not that both my sleeper sofa and TV stand have arrived. Glad to get the TV out living room, which I have never liked (even the tiny Spork TV. ) But I am already enjoying this cozier spot for catching up on shows I’ve taped and the latest horrors from mother nature, gun wielding maniacs and the White House. Hmmm maybe no room is good for TV watching these days.

Viola has chosen her favorite spot – the minstrel landing. Ben painted a pair of bookcases for me, and helped me hang my Tarrence Corbin painting. It was the first piece of art Bob and I ever bought so I think it’s fitting that it’s the first art to be hung in my new house.

Viola’s favorite spot. The window here gives her a good view of who’s coming up the drive.

What I am finding is that with two built in bookcases and the pair on the landing and one four shelfed one in the bedroom, I really don’t have enough books anymore to fill them. Trying not to regret the hundreds I sent off. All the ones I unpacked and put back on the shelves brought on waves and waves of memories without even opening them — weeping over Old Yeller, my mom reading me The Amazing Adventures of Nils, one of my early female heroes Kirsten Lavenstader, my aunt Ethel Cook Eliot’s magical books — especially “The House Above the Trees which was pretty much the bible for my sister Deb’s and my childhood and “The Windboy”, whose main character was named Nan, and inspired me to drop the ‘cy’ off my name; the Patrick O’Brien “Masters and Commander’s” series that put me out to sea for six months, the… well I could go on and on and on. I am sad for the younger generation of ebook readers (although this is how I get most of my books now) who won’t have that sublime experience of touching a print book and being instantly transported to another time and place.

My favorite childhood book was written by my aunt.

Anyway, they look great in their shiny new fire engine red bookcases as does the crazy red glass lamp my daughter Alexandra gave me one Christmas and has always been a sort of love/hate relationship — am loving it now, thanks darling!

I have already made two pies (apple and pumpkin) in my terrific new kitchen and discovered that the island is the perfect height for rolling out dough. At Monarch Farm, I did that on the formica kitchen table (now my dining table) and it was too low, so it was always a pain in the back.

I am waiting for my new rug to arrive, which I think will ties the living room together, although my son and his wife Jen have made some suggestions that might help in this regard also. George is of course horrified by all the stuff I own and I will keep winnowing out things that serve no purpose. But it is a challenge trying to fit 14 rooms and a good 100 plus years of accumulated family “treasures” into 4 rooms, 6 including bathrooms.

Anyway, I did manage to declutter the kitchen island. As much as I love my new aqua Kitchen Aid, I came to realize it is really a nice accent piece  in a kitchen, not a feature.

Managed to declutter kitchen island.


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