Weathering the Storm

After an Initial snafu the awnings are up and look fantastic!



The calm after the storm.

It has been more than 24 hours without electricity, and counting, and L 24 (my son just called the house “Sprocket” which I kind of like) has come through this and a major Nor’easter in great form.

Nothing flew off, rattled or leaked, I continue to be toasty warm and just cooked a bowl of oatmeal on my gas stove which I can light with a match. Yesterday the indoor temperature “plummeted” from a steamy 72 degrees during the day to 66 at night which, actually, is perfect. The sun is just rising in my South/East corner windows so I imagine it will be up into the 70s again soon and I will have to start opening doors and windows.

All cozy and warm.

While nothing rattled or groaned during the gale the chimney did hum rather loudly sounding like a giant kid blowing on a giant coke bottle. It’s still doing it now and I guess it is something I will just have to get used to.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how long I had water. At Monarch Farm when the power went off, you could maybe get a quart out of the taps and one flush before it stopped. So, if I forgot to fill pots and pans before a storm it was a problem. I did forget to fill pans before this one, but I disc ordered I had full tank to use before it ran out, which it did this morning, largely because I had to wash Viola yesterday afternoon after she rolled in deer poop — no way I was going to let her near my new rug with that mess!

Viola in her favorite spot on red landing.

I am concerned about two freezers full of food now. I retrieved my small chest freezer from storage, which just fit in the utility room and my fridge has a large freezer as well. Both are filled with garden veggies and various soups and sauces I’ve made with them as well as some expensive meats I would hate to lose. The last update I heard for restoration was midnight tonight. I don’t dare open the freezers to see how things are doing.


The power returned around noon and the only thing that thawed in freezer was the ice cream so I had to make a frappe, darn it.

Now I feel a bit like a First World, First Class insensitive whiner even mentioning freezer thaw concerns, annoying coke bottle sounds and my emergency frappe in light of what has happened in Puerto Rico and other places devastated by hurricanes. What a jerk! Will send a donation pronto as a mea culpa. Great frappe though.

Oops the paint is peeling off! Back to the shop.

In other house news, the awning folks returned. I think I mentioned that last week after at least two months wait they finally arrived and erected one of the awnings over the French doors in den/guest room. It looked wonderful and will probably be useful protecting me from falling ice and snow should I go out that door in the winter.

But when they returned the following day to install the larger one over the front entrance they noticed that the paint was already peeling on both of them!

So, off the first one came and off they went to repaint the awnings with epoxy paint, instead, and I have to wonder why they didn’t use that in the first place?

Anyway, they returned today, put them up and they look fabulous, giving the house a little more dimension, character and texture. Very clever and aesthetically appealing supports, George came up with.

The awnings add more dimension to 24.


Maryanne is back!! I was having my afternoon tea and almost snoozing when a loud, rather familiar clanking sound aroused me. Looked out and saw Danny Dunbar’s excavator lumbering up the drive.

Hurrah! this means some landscaping will get underway. George is away for a few days so mostly it will be repair work until his return. The culvert needs to be widened and the pipe replaced, the bed of rock that Spork sat on needs removing, and the septic leach field needs levelling and loaming, for starters.

Had another online shopping disappointment. A “midnight” black, round coffee table I ordered for the den arrived and it turned out to be midnight blue! Looked black in pics. Going to be a real pain to return.

Ah, there she is again,  Ms. Whiney McWhinerson. Gonna double that donation.

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