Genevieve McDonald

Genevieve McDonald

Age: 35

Residence: Stonington

Party: Democratic

Present employment: Commercial fisherman, captain

Highest level of education completed: BA from the University of Maine

Previous elected public office held: none



Numerous challenges face lawmakers in Augusta: implementing Medicaid expansion, fighting Maine’s opiate crisis, elevating our rural economy; but I believe the greatest challenge we face is rebuilding a collaborative state government.


I’m sure readers are familiar with the expression “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” Over the past eight years, we have witnessed Maine’s government become increasingly polarized to the point of gridlock, and the same is true on the national stage. Now is the time for Maine to lead in a different direction, to show the nation how an effective, cohesive government functions. We all want the same thing: for Maine citizens to be prosperous. To have good jobs, good hospitals and good schools. It is time we find common ground and work together to find solutions that will offer the greatest benefit to the people of Maine.


I have spent the past five years facilitating collaboration among stakeholders in the Gulf of Maine, between fishermen, scientists, lawmakers and fisheries managers. This has given me experience in bringing people from different perspectives together to achieve positive results. I intend to continue this work while representing my island district, and believe these skills will help guide me in Augusta.