Sarah Pebworth

Sarah Pebworth

Age: 53

Residence: Blue Hill

Party: Democratic

Present Employment: Self-employed

Highest Level of Education Completed: Master of Education plus additional coursework

Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: none


If elected to the legislative class of 2018, I will be addressing continuing concerns about the availability and affordability of health care and insurance. We must work together to grow the number of home health care workers by increasing wages and opportunities for full-time jobs so that more seniors can remain safely in their homes. We need proven solutions such as the hub-and-spoke model of opioid addiction treatment. We must focus on promoting preventive measures, with programs targeted to the needs of our varied communities.


It is critical that we build a stronger Maine for today and for the future. If elected, I will work with my colleagues to ensure that Maine remains a place people want to come, and for our young people who have grown up here, a great place to stay, to fish, farm or start businesses and raise children. We need workforce skills training and quality broadband service statewide.


As legislators we must work together to accomplish this and more. I will bring a neighborly attitude with me to Augusta, working across the aisle to solve problems. I will support evidence-based solutions with measurable outcomes that benefit all Mainers, no matter the ZIP code or bank balance.