Beverly “Bev” Uhlenhake

Age: 46

Residence: Brewer

Party: Democratic

Present employment: Self-employed commercial real estate broker at Epstein Commercial Real Estate

Highest level of education completed: Master of Science in Professional Studies in Education (Higher Education Administration)

Previous elected public office(s) held: Brewer mayor, Brewer deputy mayor, Brewer city councilor (two terms, currently serving)



Property taxes are too high, state education funding and policies are too unpredictable and health care costs are too expensive. Maine’s residents, schools and businesses deserve better. We need stability to plan for the future, and when unpredictability comes directly out of the inability of our current legislators to come to reasonable agreement, it hurts us all.


As a commercial real estate broker, my job is to negotiate deals that result in win-win solutions. I will use my skills as a negotiator, my experience in municipal government and my willingness to engage with stakeholders to develop workable solutions that can pass both houses and through the governor’s office.


Our government should work for us. Our communities deserve a state senator who will meet with them, listen and then act. It would be my honor to represent you in Augusta and I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 6.