John Wombacher

Age: 51

Residence: Bucksport

Party: Democratic

Present Employment (if retired, please note previous occupation(s)): Owner, Sundial Framing and Photography LLC and The Home Depot (Ellsworth)

Highest Level of Education Completed: Master’s in Fine Art

Previous Elected Public Office(s): None



Our public services should reflect our values; the challenge is balancing those values with the hard realism of budgets and priorities. The scope of the County Commission is broad. The growing cost of medical coverage for county employees, the ongoing maintenance of buildings and the expansion of services all put pressure on its limited resources.


I believe in prudence when it comes to adding to county financial obligations. Whether the discussion is a resource officer, expansion of the Regional Communications Center or a union contract one must look at the long-term and short-term budgetary effects and ask what the community benefits are.


I believe one of the challenges facing the commission is what role it plays in promoting business development along with responsible stewardship of our environment. Some commissioners have voiced concern over the proposed changes to the LUPC 1-mile adjacency rule. This is an important issue that could change the character of Maine. I reject this change in the adjacency rule, as it will hurt small communities, lead to overdevelopment and have negative effects on our rural environment. Proposed developments for solar arrays and wind farms need to be fostered with an eye on commitments to Community Benefit Funds.