Lawrence “Larry” Lockman

Age: 68

Residence: Amherst

Party: Republican

Present employment: Retired from field sales for small business association. Previously employed as hourly production line employee at Passadumkeag stud mill.

Highest level of education completed: Two years of liberal arts study at Pasadena City College

Previous elected public office(s) held: Constable, assessor and fire warden in Seboeis Plantation in mid-1980s; State representative (six years)



How is it possible that we still have elderly and disabled Mainers, including many veterans, languishing on the notorious Medicaid waitlists? These waitlists are the fallout from the Baldacci administration’s decision to expand medical welfare to include childless, non-disabled adults below age 65 — folks for whom Medicaid was never intended.


Many of the elderly and disabled Mainers who were shoved aside to make way for legions of freeloaders need basic in-home services to keep them out of nursing homes. But we’ve never been able to muster the votes in Augusta to put these folks at the front of the line, despite the fact that most of them have lived here, worked here and paid taxes here all their lives.


We couldn’t find funding to eliminate the waitlists in a $7.2-billion state budget. But we were able to find money to fund welfare for illegal immigrants in Lewiston and Portland.


I sponsored a budget amendment to commit $10 million to eliminating the waitlists, but was killed by the Democrat majority in the House.


If re-elected, I will do everything I can to put Mainers first in all our decision-making.