Maurice “Joe” Marshall

Age: 63
Residence: Lamoine
Party: Republican
Present Employment: Host at Reading Room Restaurant at Bar Harbor Inn (retired banker)
Highest Level of Education Completed: Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre from Denison University in Ohio
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: None


The first challenge that will face the person elected to represent Bar Harbor, Lamoine and Mount Desert in the Maine House will be to improve the atmosphere and efficiency of the Maine House so that the body can work for the people of Maine as well as they do in their everyday lives.


In the private sector, businesses have to work well to survive, and in the Maine House the same should apply. I would bring the common sense of the workplace to the floor of the Maine House. Without that commitment to accomplishment, whatever I wish to do for my constituents will get mired in the past political maneuvering in Augusta.


My important issues are targeting education support to the classroom, aiding local resources for senior citizens, lowering spending to lower taxes and reducing regulation on small business in the state. To accomplish all these things will require breaking through the political battle lines to find real common ground.