Nicole Grohoski

Age: 35

Residence: Ellsworth

Party: Democratic

Present employment: Cartographer for Center for Community GIS

Highest level of education completed: BA in Chemistry and Environmental Studies, Middlebury College

Previous elected public office(s) held: None



In my conversations with hundreds of Ellsworth and Trenton voters of all political parties, the issues that have risen to the top are: health care, property taxes, job opportunities, education and opiate addiction. But there is one overarching concern — divided government.


I have proven day after day in this campaign that I am determined to listen to voters and seriously consider their concerns and ideas for change. If elected, I will continue to engage with my constituents and work tirelessly to find common ground at the State House. We may not always agree, but we can’t help the fact that we’re all in this together.


I grew up in Ellsworth and work for a small Maine business. I face the pressure of health care costs and high property taxes and I see hard-working neighbors struggling. We must reduce these costs while offering diverse job opportunities, so that we can keep young people in Maine and retain a vibrant and strong community for people of all ages. For more information, visit


Mainers work hard and look out for each other — as your representative, I will too. I hope to earn your vote in November.