Christina Therrien

Age: 53
Residence: Machias
Party: Democrat
Present employment: Machias Town Manager
Highest level of education completed: Two years of college in Business Administration with an accounting option
Previous elected public office(s) held: None



The biggest challenge facing state and federal government is partisanship. When both sides refuse to talk with each other nothing can be accomplished that benefits taxpayers. We must respect different ideas and values every individual has to offer to realize a government that works for the best interest of everyone. Constant policy changes and party politics are enough to confuse and confound even seasoned voters.

Many challenges face us in order to grow and prosper. Vital transportation and infrastructure projects are high on the list. To compete in a global environment all Maine businesses must be connected to the outside world and have the ability to move goods efficiently and effectively. Affordable health coverage and access to essential medical services for every Mainer is a must. Creating obtainable educational opportunities will ensure Maine has the educated and dependable workforce needed for the future.

I believe not all counties are treated equally for funding for programs and services. Rural counties are impacted differently than urban areas.  Each county is unique and makes Maine a special place.  I want to make sure Washington County and eastern Hancock County have a strong voice to speak on issues impacting them and downeast Maine’s future.