Eric Brakey

Age: 30
Residence: Auburn
Party: Republican
Present Employment (or former occupation if retired): Financial Manager, Brakey Energy
Highest Level of Education Completed: BFA, Ohio University
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: Maine State Senate, Health and Human Services Chairman


Without producing anything of value, Washington DC is now the richest region in America with an average income twice that of Maine people. Meanwhile, our kids are moving away in search of high-paying jobs, healthcare is unaffordable and Washington keeps telling us how to live.

Maine people deserve a better deal — better jobs, better healthcare, more freedom and less Washington politics.

As Maine’s next US Senator, I will work for better jobs by cutting taxes to grow our economy, slashing the red tape strangling small businesses and ending corporate welfare programs that only benefit the politically well-connected.

I will work to secure better healthcare with market-driven solutions that empower Maine people and hold providers accountable with choice and competition. We deserve the freedom to purchase insurance across state lines, to collectively bargain for better rates with insurance companies and to save our own money tax-free for healthcare.


And I will always defend our freedoms as Maine people. Whether it’s your right to keep and bear arms or use medical cannabis, we each have the right to make our own decisions in life.


We can get a better deal and I am ready to fight for Maine.