Shawn Moody

Age: 58
Residence: Gorham
Party: Republican
Present employment: Entrepreneur (founder of Moody’s). Owner and operator of other Maine businesses over the years.  National business consultant and turnaround advisor.
Highest level of education completed: Secondary school
Previous elected public office(s) held: No previous elected office.



As a successful job creator, Shawn Moody knows Maine’s success for years to come is grounded in continuing to grow our economy, create jobs and improve wages for people all over Maine. He will work to end any job-killing red tape and ensure Maine government works with our small businesses and job creators to succeed, rather than hindering job growth.


Shawn also knows Maine must live within its means. Any state spending must be smart and prudent. The people of Maine must be assured they are getting a dollar’s return for every dollar spent. We must root out waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars wherever it is found.


With a strong commitment to Maine’s future, Shawn became the first person to serve on both boards of the University of Maine System as well as the Maine Community College System at the same time. Shawn used his unique position to help position the two to work together and to focus on promoting careers here in Maine for graduates.


Shawn is a strong believer in Maine’s outdoor heritage. He supports the Second Amendment and Maine’s hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation industries.


Partnering with local law enforcement on opioid drug take-back efforts, Shawn has long supported our men and women in uniform who are first responders as well as our nation’s military heroes. Shawn will always stand behind Maine’s veterans who have sacrificed for our freedoms.


Shawn is known as an independent voice from the political class in Augusta and Washington which sometimes puts lobbyists and special interests in front of the people. His commitment has always been to the Maine people first. Family is critical to Shawn and to strong communities in Maine.


As our next governor, Shawn will work to ensure Maine does not fall behind.