Teresea “Terry” Hayes

Age: 60
Residence: Buckfield
Party: Independent
Present employment: Maine’s first independent state treasurer
Highest level of education completed: Master of Business Administration
Previous elected public office(s) held: MSAD 39 School Board, Maine House of Representatives, Maine state treasurer



Terry Hayes is a no-nonsense, nonpartisan leader who is running for governor to unite Maine, fix a broken political system and lead Maine in a bold new direction. Terry talks straight and tells the truth, puts people over partisanship and rolls up her sleeves to get the job done.


As Maine’s third independent and first Clean Election governor, Terry will be accountable only to Maine people — not to party leaders, special interests or wealthy donors. She is a proud, lifelong Mainer with a unifying vision for our state’s future where people are welcomed and connected, skilled and productive, healthy and well.


Terry will build a team of the best and brightest people from across Maine, regardless of party, to focus on lowering health care costs, growing our economy, preparing students for jobs of today and tomorrow and keeping our state beautiful, prosperous and safe for our children.


  • Health care: Health insurance is too expensive and too many people don’t have access to the care they need. We will get health care right, and that means providing universal access to quality and affordable health care.


  • Economy: Maine needs a focused, clear, data-driven, statewide, long-range strategic plan for economic development. Prosperity will not happen by accident.


  • Education: Creating opportunity for every Mainer to succeed begins with commitment to these principles:  Educational excellence, a level playing field for all Maine children, a great teacher in every classroom and a consistent investment in higher education and adult learners.


  • Environment: Our natural surroundings are the very soul of Maine, and Maine’s economy and future are tied directly to a clean environment. Refocusing on stewardship of our environment will be a key element of the Hayes administration.


Terry is the only candidate for governor with the experience, independence and courage to lead Maine in a bold new direction.