Tiffany Bond

Name: Tiffany Bond
Age: 42
Residence: Portland
Party: Independent
Present employment: Family law attorney and mediator
Highest level of education completed: Graduate school, MBA and JD
Previous elected public office(s) held: None



We don’t want a handout, but we need a voice. We can strengthen and diversify our economy. We can improve access to health care. We can do this together, the Maine way. Instead of being driven apart by political conflict, let’s use different opinions and life experiences to find solutions that are better than what any one of us can come up with alone. Let’s do it in a way where everyone has the same opportunity to be heard, with representation that isn’t sold to the highest bidder. You can hire an independent representative who isn’t distracted by the constant fundraising and just works for you.


My time goes to reading proposed bills so I can help you understand what the heck is going on in D.C. and how it impacts you here. We all want a different system. We want a system that can send a regular person to represent us who has life experience, the ability to do the job and who wants to make things better. Good ideas come from unexpected places. You choose whether you prefer conflict, closed ears, mud-slinging and slick flyers — or to hire someone to go do the job for you, and do it well.