William Hoar

Age: 35
Residence: Southwest Harbor
Party: Independent
Present employment: Special education
Highest level of education completed: BA, Columbia University
Previous elected public office(s) held: None



Will is running on an unaffiliated independent ticket because he sees it as the only way to honestly represent the people of Maine. Representatives are elected not to join some political governing class, but to be public servants. Currently, most of the governing is being done by a group of individuals who are not serving the interests of the very people they were chosen to represent.

Important issues include:

  • There need to be term limits. No one can honestly call themselves a resident of a given state when the majority of their lives are spent in Washington.
  • Creating legislation making those in Washington subject to the same health care that they pass for the citizens they represent.
  • The tax system needs to be adjusted for the reality of the world we live in. Tax brackets need to be adjusted to reflect the realities of the nation’s economy and wealth disparity.
  • Politicians promise better education and futures for our children; but education funding is always one of the first areas cut in budgets. Children really are our future. Giving them anything less than the best education and preparation for life is not only irresponsible, but literally a disservice to our country.