Alan Caron

Age: 67
Residence: Freeport
Party: Independent
Present Employment (or former occupation if retired): business owner
Highest Level of Education Completed: Master’s degree at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: None



Maine is at a tipping point. We’re adrift between a past that we cannot return to and a future that we can’t yet see. While some Mainers are doing well in the new economy, many have been left behind.

Without big and bold changes the situation will get worse. We have only one road forward, and that is to focus on the future, build a new prosperity for all of us and abandon partisanship in favor of common sense and action.

We have to shift the focus of economic development from ‘attracting’ jobs to ‘growing’ them here. Then, we should focus on attracting people, rather than companies, who have talent and energy and who can create new businesses here.

At the same time, I will ensure that we have a governor who understands that Maine’s economy must grow without losing our special character and quality of life.

To make that happen, we must find new ways to work together, across party lines and geographic regions. The first step is to reject leaders who are motivated by partisan anger and old grudges, and support those who will ask the tough questions, treat everyone with respect and even celebrate our differences.