Lynne Williams

Age: 68
Residence: Bar Harbor
Party: Democrat
Present Employment: Private law practice in Bar Harbor (Williams Law Office)
Highest Level of Education Completed: Ph.D. in social psychology from University of Southern California; law degree from Golden Gate University of Law
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: Bar Harbor Planning Board



The probate court handles not just probate cases — administration of what’s in a will — but also other matters. Judges typically only deal with issues if there’s a dispute.

Much of the work of the probate judge involves conservatorship and guardianship cases, and ensuring the right and proper treatment of people who come before the court. With an aging population, this is an increasingly important issue for the probate court.

As an attorney, a big part of my practice has been working with families with disabled family members, including children and adults. I’ve been a mediator for 30 years, and my work on my Ph.D. involved conflict resolution. I seek resolution in a positive way.

When you come to probate court, it’s often a stressful time. If there’s a disagreement between parties it becomes very, very messy. My goal would be to resolve these situations in the most positive manner, while keeping family and interpersonal relationships intact, as much as possible.

In short, I’d like to bring my experience in conflict resolution to my work at the court.