Matthew Foster

Age: 49
Residence: Hancock
Party: Republican
Employment: Hancock County and Washington County district attorney
Highest Level of Education Completed: Juris Doctor
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: Current elected DA, Former Ellsworth City Council member

Drug abuse is by far the biggest cause behind most crimes. I will continue to prosecute drug traffickers to the fullest extent of the law, explore treatment options where appropriate and continue to advocate for additional law enforcement and treatment resources to be allocated to District 7.

The next few years will see a dramatic change in the court’s computer software system. Accordingly, a major overhaul of the District Attorney’s Office software will need to be implemented statewide. The district attorney will need to work closely with the other DAs and the courts to execute such a massive technology undertaking. I have the technical background, the current working knowledge of the existing and proposed software systems and have been a key figure in the planning and implementation of the statewide systems.

The district attorney will need to be able to face the regular challenges of managing three offices with 19 employees, working with over 15 law enforcement agencies and handling hundreds of day-to-day tasks that make the job a challenge on even the best days. I plan to continue to work with all stakeholders to provide the highest level of service, competence and integrity to the people of District 7.