Philip Brady Jr.

Age: 76
Residence: Little Deer Isle
Party: Republican
Present employment: Director, Advanced Hypnosis Center (30 years in Army, printer by trade, former part-time police officer and volunteer firefighter)
Highest level of education completed: Bachelor of Science in printing engineering (management) from Rochester Institute of Technology
Previous elected public office(s) held: None



Certainly, there are district-related challenges. My goal would be to represent those challenges. I’m a Republican running in a Democratic district. In order to be honorable, I have to be prepared to listen to the needs of the district and take those with me to Augusta (barring them being something I couldn’t do, because of ethics, in which case I would probably resign).

This is the only district comprised entirely of islands. The tolls on the ferries are a challenge, especially for the commuters. I think it was very careless of the state to whack them like that, with the increases.

We also have a beaucoup fishing problem, with state and federal regulations. Pretty soon, the only place a fisherman will be able to fish will be in his bathtub. And he’ll have to import the fish from China. We need people with experience in the fisheries to be involved in rulemaking. We need to be constantly vigilant.

In addition to listening to the folks, I’ve got to do my research. I need to make sure the concerns of the islanders are heard.