Question 2: Bond Issue

Public Law 425
Do you favor a $30,000,000 bond issue to improve water quality, support the planning and construction of wastewater treatment facilities and assist homeowners whose homes are served by substandard or malfunctioning wastewater treatment systems?


The bulk of the bond proceeds ($27,650,000) would be distributed as grants to municipalities to cover from 15 to 25 percent of the costs of planning pollution abatement facilities, and up to 80 percent of the cost of constructing such facilities. Priority is to be given to areas with high-value shellfish resources. Funds also may be used for hydrographic modeling. Such modeling can determine the flow of wastewater discharges and thereby make it possible to define more precisely the size and scope of any areas that must remain closed to shellfish harvesting in order to protect public health. Two million dollars would be distributed in the form of grants to municipalities to help replace failing septic systems that are polluting coastal watersheds or causing a public nuisance. Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars would be distributed in the form of grants to help homeowners cover the cost of eliminating residential overboard discharge systems that are discharging pollutants in coastal watersheds.