Question 4: Bond Issue

Public Law 465, Part A
Do you favor a $49,000,000 bond issue to be matched by at least $49,000,000 in private and public funds to modernize and improve the facilities and infrastructure of Maine’s public universities in order to expand workforce development capacity and to attract and retain students to strengthen Maine’s economy and future workforce?


The University of Maine System would use the money to support the construction, reconstruction and remodeling of existing and new facilities and infrastructure. The projects currently approved by the Board of Trustees are located at all seven campuses in the University of Maine System and include renovations and improvements to dormitories, modernization and expansion of laboratories and classrooms for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs, nursing and child care programs, as well as development of career service centers and other facilities to support first-generation and nontraditional students. As previously reported in The American, $12 million of the funds would be invested in the nursing program to address a shortage of nurses. As part of the expansion, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will be offered at the University of Maine at Augusta’s Ellsworth campus beginning in the fall of 2019.