Question 5: Bond Issue

Public Law 465, Part B
Do you favor a $15,000,000 bond issue to improve educational programs by upgrading facilities at all 7 of Maine’s community colleges in order to provide Maine people with access to high-skill, low-cost technical and career education?


Proceeds from the sale of these bonds would be spent by the Maine Community College System to purchase equipment, renovate/expand facilities, improve information technology infrastructure, upgrade heating and ventilation systems and complete other projects. Funding would be distributed in the following amounts:

  • $2,503,755 – Central Maine Community College in Auburn
  • $2,233,082 – Eastern MaineCommunity College in Bangor
  • $2,190,731 – Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield and Hinckley.
  • $1,165,119 – Northern Maine Community College in Presque Isle
  • $4,275,100 – Southern MaineCommunity College in South Portland and Brunswick
  • $885,853 – Washington County Community College in Calais
  • $1,746,360 – York County Community College in Wells