Sherman “Sherm” Hutchins

Age: 70
Residence: Penobscot
Party: Republican
Present Employment: Head of grounds and buildings at Wilson Museum in Castine
Highest Level of Education Completed: Southern Maine Technical College, South Portland (building construction/architecture)
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: State representative (two years), Penobscot selectman (11 years, nine years as chairman) and moderator at numerous town meetings over three decades



The largest and most important issue that I get when I go everywhere door-to-door is the economy, and making sure that government’s doing what it can to help the economy. In many cases, that’s doing less: Getting out of the way. People aren’t looking for giant shortcuts, they just like predictability and being able to plan ahead what they can do for their small businesses. They want a clean environment and a nice place to live, and they like the stability of a strong and robust economy.

What you get from people when you talk with them, what they like in general is freedom — to work where they want, to go to school where they want and to associate with who they want. I’m a 10th-generation American, and the first four generations of my family lived here before the United States was in existence. That thread of freedom, it’s always there, underneath.