Steven Juskewitch

Age: 70
Residence: Dedham
Party: Independent
Employment: Trial attorney
Highest Level of Education Completed: Juris Doctorate degree
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: School Board (elected in 1998)


I am a parent of three daughters and two sons, trial attorney and prosecutor and am concerned about due process and justice. The claim of a 74 percent trial conviction rate is unacceptable. Out of 10 juries recently selected in Hancock County so far only one jury found sufficient evidence to support a guilty verdict. Five juries rendered not guilty verdicts, three cases were resolved after jury selection and one defendant failed to appear. In Washington County, hardly anyone can remember when the last jury trial occurred, much less the last time a guilty jury verdict was returned.

Opioid abuse is rampant. Thirteen counties have an assigned AG drug prosecutor; Washington has not and Hancock shared a drug prosecutor until Oct. 5, 2018. My guarantee is an assigned drug prosecutor during my tenure regardless of who is attorney general or governor. My guarantee is backed by a 40-year record of getting things accomplished.

Forty years as a trial lawyer, prosecutor, commissioned officer and mentor will change the lack of prosecutorial experience. Sufficient legal talent and motivation already exists in the three district attorney offices; we only need to add my experience, maturity and leadership to resolve the current situation.