Benjamin Meiklejohn

Benjamin Meiklejohn is running for House District 135, made up of the Hancock County towns of Bar Harbor, Lamoine and Mount Desert.

Age: 49
Residence: Seal Harbor
Party: Green Independent
Employment: Self-employed market researcher
Highest Level of Education Completed: Bachelor’s in English, University of Maine
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: At-large member, Portland School Committee, 2001-2007

Candidate Statement

I aim to assist in a transformation of American democracy, to deconstruct the power structures of our two major parties and to promote the imperative of environmental stewardship as the foremost medium for economic growth and public health.

The two parties that have reigned our government for centuries are not equipped to respond to socio-economic needs in a timely enough manner to make a difference when it counts.

How long can we wait?

More than $20 million dollars revenue annually could be realized by investing in offshore wind energy that could be sold to other northeast states. A Katahdin North Woods National Park would inject more than $100 million of recreation dollars into Maine.
Ultimately, no one party should ever have a majority of government representation because there is no one party that truly represents a majority of citizens.

This democratic system is antique and outdated, but the two are often the only choices we have.
In House District 135, voters can break the cycle.
Voting for me will not get Biden or Trump elected, but it will signal to both Democrats and Republicans that an ecologically focused perspective needs to be responded to with governmental action.

Vote your heart.