Jeffrey Lovit

Jeffrey Lovit is running for State Senate District 6 is made up of all of Washington County plus the Hancock County towns of Gouldsboro, Sullivan and Winter Harbor.Bradford, Bradley, Edinburg, Greenbush, Lagrange and Passadumkeag in Penobscot County and Beddington, Deblois, Northfield and Wesley in Washington County. It also includes unorganized territories in Hancock and Washington counties.r, plus the unorganized territory of Fletchers Landing Township and the Washington County town of Steuben.

Age: 72
Residence: Addison
Party: Democratic
Employment: Mentoring small business owners, retired from my Milbridge law practice
Highest Level of Education Completed: Doctor of Jurisprudence
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: None

Candidate Statement

I have experienced the widening resource gaps that exist between rural communities like District 6 and more urban parts of Maine. Gaps exist in educational funding and in accessing affordable health care, childcare, and nursing home care. Business owners in rural Downeast struggle to build businesses with inadequate services, such as broadband and cell coverage, while losing workers as young people move away.

On top of that, because of the coronavirus, with less money coming into the state, 2021 will be a particularly difficult one for the state of Maine. Unlike the federal government, the state cannot print money. It is important that the next state senator for District 6 understand this reality and fight, cajole and pressure so that Downeast be treated fairly when the budget shortfall is addressed. I will push for the resources we need so that our families, our institutions, and our economy can thrive in rural Downeast. This election for state senate is not about whether the candidate has an “R” or “D” beside her or his name. It is about who will work within today’s realities to meet our district’s needs.